Strengthens your ties to the community and broadens your support network & exposes you to people with common interests

Volunteering has a meaningful positive effect on our society. Millennium Schools pays significant attention to the students’ life inside and outside the classroom. Extracurricular activities of students reveal a great deal about them, such as what their interests are, whether they can manage their priorities and maintain a long-term commitment, what diversity they’d bring to the student body and how they can make a contribution in building the community they live in. Roots Millennium Schools has signed a MOU with Pakistan Red Crescent Society to promote volunteerism and community work. Our aim is to encourage our students for long-term involvement in community services.

The Community Involvement Programme at RMS in collaboration with PRCS is providing students with the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities which will contribute to the community. It aims to nurture a sense of social responsibility and help students understand that everyone can play a part in bettering the community. Our aim is to encourage our students for long-term involvement in community service.PRCS has provided us proper structure, guidance and supervision so as to engage our students. To sustain volunteerism beyond the school years, we encouraged all our campuses to forge long-term partnerships with community organizations like PRCS to deepen the quality of the volunteerism experience for our students and to allow for continuity of contribution beyond the schooling years. One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community.

Our enterprising students can find additional college scholarship opportunities that recognize excellence in community service as well as other activities. Community services at Millennium Schools provides the critical missing link for many students, an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs and to make the knowledge gained usable in one’s thinking beyond the situation in which the learning occurred. Community Service learning therefore, provides students with the motivation necessary to put forth effort in academics, it gives them more opportunities to integrate and elaborate on their knowledge, and it increases the likelihood of transferring theoretical knowledge to actual practice. Our students are active members of different community clubs to help scale different volunteer and community initiatives.

Millennials who participate in community based service learning enjoy a number of benefits, both in their personal and social life and ones who are more civically engaged tend to perform better in school subjects such as reading, history, science and mathematics and are more apt to complete high school. Our community service enhanced students’ problem-solving skills, improved their ability to work within a team and enabled them to plan more effectively. Another benefit of our community service learning is that our students are far more likely to remain engaged when they can see that their participation is effecting change.

This helps the students to realize that they are able to make useful contributions to society through service and social action. It also helps students to cultivate connections between various organizations, schools and community groups, which can prove to be very useful later on in life. RMS Volunteerism & Community Actions help students to mature by developing social skills, doing outreach or public relations tasks. Additionally, students get to network with professionals in a way that they might not otherwise be able to just by going to class. When these connections are made, students find they have valuable references that can lead to other career opportunities later on.