Promotes social innovation and community re-engineering as Millennial slogan is: ‘Sharing is the essence of human relationships’

RMS has launched SCOPE-School Coaching Programme in collaboration with Abbas Husain, a name known nationally and internationally is the Director of a team of master trainers who work together to uplift the level of education in Pakistan. Abbas Husain along with his team has launched many new programs in RMS under the umbrella of his initiative SCOPE Community Engagement Program which not only helped teachers to become professionals but groomed them as leaders in their field. Abbas Husain is the Founder & Director of Teachers Development Centre & Founder Member of SPELT and a renowned Intellectual & Thinker as well. Abbas Husain is a moderator and speaker of RMS’s largest teacher development conference since from last 9 consecutive years.

Under the SCOPE Community Engagement Program, Abbas Husain has delivered numerous thought provoking counseling & coaching session to the parental community of Roots Millennium Schools including the faculty and staff. Abbas Husain addressed the community on a thought provoking session on ‘Factors affecting self-esteem and self-confidence amongst students’. This session was organized to help mothers with the challenges they face while dealing with the young students. After all, many factors outside a student’s control can influence his or her performance. This session stated the strategies that how mothers can engage their child in self-motivated activities. RMS believes in providing excellent learning opportunities not only to students and teachers but also to the whole community.

This programme is giving benefits in terms of awareness, clarity of idea and motivation to the community engaged in these sessions and orientation, which are highly interactive. Parents & community are being briefed on topic like ‘Early intervention in childhood’, ‘What schools do and what schools should do’, ‘Industrial age assumptions about school’, ‘The boundaries of impact on schools’, ‘Work life balance’, ‘Handling difficult students’ and many more topics which are directly linked to the on ground realities of human life. At RMS, we realize the strong need to enrich and educate the community about sustainable development, restoring natural environment, adopting healthy lifestyles, providing services and access to quality education and reducing poverty. In view of our vision towards the community engagement program, SCOPE is benefiting our society at large and will continue doing this.

Parents & community are being briefed in this initiatives that they should do the following to overcome all the issues they face during parenthood for a healthy relationship with their children; Love them, Live your values, Do not compare, Encourage, Let your child teach, Discuss matters Openly & Let go.