Developing the child into a well rounded human being who would become a contributing member to society

Millennium International Montessori Programme is a unique, oldest and the finest Montessori school in Pakistan with dedicated Montessori directresses and fully equipped early learning approach for children. We are offering four years of Montessori Education starting from Pre-Play Group, Play Group, Junior Montessori & Advance Montessori. A child admitted into the Montessori section is nurtured as competent and influential individual. Each child is made to feel ‘Wanted’, ‘Loved’ in the environment irrespective of his/her ability level. The programme is based on the need of a child in a manner so as to nurture and enhance the child’s achievements, interests and learning styles. The children are exposed to practical life exercises which give them the opportunity to master the environment and self-care e.g. pouring liquids. Sensorial materials such as cube tower, color tablets and sound cylinders are designed to support the balanced development of all senses. Math material introduces children to one-to-one correspondence, numeration, sequencing of numbers, numeral place value and beginning arithmetic operations.

In the language portion of Montessori curriculum children are prepared for reading with a multi-sensory approach including phonics and language experiences. They are also taught Geography with large wooden puzzle maps. Science and nature stimulates child’s discovery projects, experiments and exploration of outdoor environment. Creative arts and crafts allow for self-expression and fine motor development. Music highlights listening skills, ear training, rhythmic movement, singing and the creation of music. The practitioners implement clear, principled approach and use effective assessments from the child’s first days in a setting to the end of the Early Years/ MIMP.

There are several unique features of a Millennium Montessori environment, regardless of the age group; our Montessori classes are structured around these stages of development. This creates trust in the teachers and the classroom environment, encourages a sense of community, long-term friendships and essentially frees children from many social concerns so that they can focus on their academic development. Montessori Method at RMS offers many opportunities during the day for both individual and group learning activities. Children learn to interact with each other in a natural social environment, free of artificial competition. They discover that it is desirable to work together, to help each other out, and the result is they learn more than they otherwise would in a traditional, competitive environment.

Our Montessori practice is always up-to-date and dynamic because observation and the meeting of needs are continual and specific for each child. When physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs are met children grow with excitement and a drive to play and work with enthusiasm, to learn, and to create. They exhibit a desire to teach, help, and care for others and for their environment. We prepare children for reading with a multi-sensory approach including phonics and language experiences. According to Maria Montessori, “Children will write before than can read so they start learning letter formation by tracing sandpaper letters”. We have scientific method of teaching, specific multi-sensory materials to develop specific skills, fully trained Montessori directresses and staff, all exercises of practical life EPL and work area and we focus on developing the child’s wholesome personality.