232 1024x456 - Intellectual Curiosity & Independent Learning

Critical thinking, curiosity & inquiry are common principles denominating the creation of knowledge skills & values

One of the key responsibilities of Roots Millennium Schools is to provide the context in which students learn how to study on their own. “Learning to learn” is a complex process that entails students taking responsibility and playing their part within the educational process. You can see the shift in mindset when a boy or girl moves from saying “Here’s your homework, Sir” to “Here is my work.” After all, schooling at Millennium Schools is not about teachers teaching great lessons – it is about students learning and understanding things. Independent Learning is important because it develops creativity and intellectual curiosity.

At Millennium Schools, Independent learning is about students being active rather than passive. It is about them working out the answers rather than being told them. It is about them wanting to study because they want to understand more, rather than taking a utilitarian stance that I am doing this because I want to pass the examination. ‘Independent Learning & Intellectual Curiosity is Millennium Schools’ academic ethos. We believe that it is our duty to instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We strive for our classrooms to be places where curiosity and interest are inspired and encouraged, and that also offer the right conditions for students to grow intellectually, being constructively challenged and suitably supported by both staff and peers.

Millennium Schools “Independent Learning” strand communicates that we also take seriously the need to give our students the very best learning skills that will enable them to act on their academic interests and make substantial progress under their own steam. This means not relying on being told an answer, but being able to take ownership of their learning and pursue their own thinking in an effective way.

Furthermore, as the exam system changes to incorporate more open-ended questions which require independent thought, the only way to prepare students adequately will be to ensure that these challenges are common-place in their educational experience. This emphasizes, quite rightly, that teaching to the test will not lead to the highest possible success in the test.

Millennium Schools’ ILIC approach is for every student. We believe that everyone can be enthused about different subjects and show the skills of a successful learner. In this way every student will be sufficiently challenged and supported to make optimal progress in their studies and work towards their goals.