Provides information on Child’s Developmental Stages and offers advice on Learning-Friendly Home Environment

Parent involvement can make a difference in a child’s education. Millennium Schools have a strong and interactive communication mode with the parental community which includes different mediums like student diary, social media, website updates, text messages and via e-communication. Parents’ involvement is a fundamental area of interactive communication at Millennium Schools. To ensure a continuous parental involvement & reflections we focus on;

Counseling practices; Conducting workshops about their child’s timely arrival / departure at school. Educating the parents about the trio involvement of student, teacher and parent.

Communication practices; Conducting parent orientations to explain attendance policies and expectations; sending home newsletters with the names of students with excellent attendance; making easy available access for parents to contact the school; and by facilitating child’s attendance record on the Internet.

Involvement between schools and parents can have a significant impact on student achievement. We have the best ways to structure that partnership which is done through involving parents in their child’s homework. Through our different enriched interactive programme we make the parents understand that children with involved parents have higher academic achievement. Not only do students score higher on tests but they are more prepared to start school and have a greater likelihood of graduating.

RMS parental involvement has shown a consistent, positive relationship between parents’ engagement in their children’s education and student outcomes. Parental involvement was positively associated with achievement at RMS, with the exception of parental help with homework. Involvement that reflected academic socialization had the strongest positive association with achievement. Parent involvement is linked to children’s school readiness.

At RMS, simple interactions, such as reading to young children, may lead to greater reading knowledge and skills. And, children with richer home literacy environments demonstrate higher levels of reading knowledge and skills at Montessori entry. Parent involvement outside of home, such as participation in extracurricular activities, relates to their reading, general knowledge, and mathematics knowledge and skills.

Training and practice at Millennium Schools focus on creating school involvement opportunities and an awareness of the impact of home resources, extracurricular activities, and ethnicity on parent involvement and child outcomes. We enhance home-school collaboration by using parent involvement research as a foundation for implementing empirically validated practices, especially among low-income and minority families; actually becoming involved in important parent activities, such as parent training; and engaging in reflective practice to assess the efficacy of specific parent outreach and collaboration efforts. We work with parents to organize opportunities for their involvement in school.