Develops deep subject understanding, as well as independent learning and constructive thinking skills

National High Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) is the recognized qualification in Pakistan based on the text books and curricula prepared by Education Department, Government of the Punjab and approved by the Federal Government for implementation at national level. The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) Islamabad established under FBISE ACT 1975 is an autonomous body of the Ministry of Education, Trainings and Standards in Higher Education.

It is empowered with administrative and financial authority to organize, regulate, develop and control Intermediate and Secondary Education in general and conduct examinations in the institutions affiliated with it. The resulting qualification provides a foundation for higher level courses such as FSC, BSC or ‘A’ and ‘AS’ levels.

About the Curriculum

Federal board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad and Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi has offered a flexible course of study that gives candidates option to choose subjects of their choice whilst providing them with a broad knowledge based on lifelong skills.

About RMS Examination, Assessment & Progression System

Intermediate HSSC is usually taught as a two year course starting from Grade 10 at Roots Millennium Schools for students aged 17 to 18 years. Monthly assessment is a regular part of college. Send-up exams are taken every year in the month of November/December. Final examinations are taken in the month of March/April each year by FBISE and BISE on their said patterns. After completion of HSSC a student qualifies for University Education.

Millennium Schools Intermediate

Acceptance & Recognition

Intermediate qualification is acceptable and acts as a gateway for acquiring National or International education in Colleges and Universities in the country or abroad.

How is HSSC taught at Roots Millennium Schools

Roots Millennium Schools offers only science combination (Computer Science group and Biology group) at HSSC level. The prescribed course of Intermediate from text books approved by Punjab Text Book Board Lahore and National Book Foundation Islamabad are taught. In order to prepare the students for the tough national competition at HSSC level, 60% of Grade 12th syllabus is covered in Grade 11th. The rest of the syllabus for Grade 12th is covered in the first term whereas; second term of Grade 12th is reserved for complete revision testing and rectification by repeated evaluation system. This is done to provide marks oriented practice to the students for HSSC Part 1.

The HSSC Part 2 classes commence in May and 35% of syllabus is covered before the summer break. The remaining of the syllabus is covered by October and the remaining months prior to the Part 2 board examinations are dedicated to revision testing and rectification by repeated evaluation system. This practice has ensured a remarkable result aggregate of 90% A’s and A* in the HSSC examinations for the Millennium students and gives them a competitive edge