Millennium courses are challenging and rigorous, guided and inspired by our first class academic staff

Millennium Roots Schools has various subject combinations as per the individual’s interest and capability. We are offering number of subjects in our Cambridge, Edexcel & International Baccalaureate qualifications. One can have his/her own choice either to enter into IGCSE/AS & A-Levels or SSC/HSSC provided with proper mentoring, coaching and counseling for subject selection.

The school environment can help or hinder the realization of goals for young children. Keeping this in view the emphasis in the school is for inculcating a ‘spirit of inquiry’ at a very young age.

Teaching is done through ‘Play-Way’ methods, stimulating materials, creativity, making use of the latest electronic and mechanized audio-visual systems. Experimentation is done in the relevant matters to make the child actually understand and appreciate what otherwise may appear to be meaningless or incomprehensible.

There are various factors that play a vital role in the process of making a successful career choice. One of the first considerations is a realistic and informed subject choice for IGCSE to A-Levels. A student’s subject choice can have a significant implication in terms of a future career. In order to support students in their subject choice process, Millennium Schools Centre for Prospective Students, offer professional subject choice counseling to IGCSE & AS & A-Levels learners. Based on the current performance of a student, Millennium teachers advise the students on proper subject choices.

It is equally important to make subject choices that correspond with the abilities, personality and interest of the student. The students should have a general idea of the career in which he/she is interested in. To involve parent in the process of subject choice, our management call parent meetings to inform and discuss choosing the appropriate subjects. After this discussion takes place, a Subject Choice Form is completed and signed by the student and parent.

In an effort to aid the students to make best suitable subject choices, our teachers provide career guidance through live orientation. Millennium Schools prepare students by hosting career days. To make this life changing process easy, students are advised to also attend open days at college or shadow someone during the school vacation in the chosen career and to keep to date on the entry requirements at universities.