Equips students with the skills, knowledge and expectations necessary for successful tertiary education participation

Roots Millennium Schools not only wants to give students education but also intends to awaken an interest and understanding for other cultures of the world. Openness to cultural diversity and tolerance towards other people’s distinctiveness are mutually exclusive. At Millennium Schools, we want our students to engage themselves in learning new cultures, lifestyles and giving opportunities to showcase talents & share achievements so they develop leadership, communication and team work skills. Roots Millennium Schools is a registered institution on global gateway website and our Office of Global Reach and School Links has a direct access to connect our school with rest of the world.

Our Office of global reach and school links has bridged the divide between classrooms and students around the globe. Global School Partnership aims to motivate young people’s commitment to a fairer, more sustainable world. School linking is a fun and immensely rewarding way for teachers and pupils to learn about other countries.

Taking part in projects with an overseas partner school where the target language is spoken hugely enriches the languages curriculum. The added dimension of pupils meeting, either face-to-face or virtually, and having access to authentic cultural input undoubtedly raises standards and motivation for language learning. Our programmes enable language skills to be developed in a real context, providing pupils with a positive experience of language learning, broadening their cultural horizons and challenging preconceived notions.

Every year our students from different campuses nationwide get the opportunity to visit various countries on different agendas like recreational visits, educational and cultural exchange programme in America, Dubai, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, China, Japan, Germany, Spain, England, Sirilanka and many others. Millennium School students have attended numerous summer camps and educational courses for example JSA Summer School Princeton 2013 which was attained by our millennial on 100 % Scholarship, The Goethe Institute Summer Camp in Germany, Summer Global Leadership Program Valpo, Cultural Trip to Dubai / Abu Dhabi, B.SC UOL Study & Beyond Border Tour To India 2014, Outstanding Delegate Award at MUNIST Istanbul, Turkey 2013, Millennials at Pittsburgh University at USA, Berkshire Course, UK for Millennium Students, Millennials representation in Japan on 100% Scholarship and Millennials at HMUN Boston 2014 to experience the outer world with more competencies and exposure. Unlike the perceptible advantages that students gain from a summer program, the intangible advantages are harder to pin down. In conjunction with home and school, and maybe even a summer job, summer programs are one of the many building blocks that create an adult. And while few children realize how much they’ve been influenced by their summer experiences, as adults they often see how their lives were enriched and layers were added to their development.

Millennium Summer Program & Global Outreach offers communal living for the students, the new perspective as it is a wonderful experience for a child or teen to come to a place where he or she is an unknown entity and freed from his or her usual context, they try out new things is another significant intangible benefit of a summer youth program. The child who is away from home encounters new experiences independently. With the safety net of insightful Millennium counselors and staff, children can risk finding out what works and what doesn’t in interpersonal relationships, while discovering new facets of themselves.