Accommodates different learning styles & facilitates learning through a variety of activities

Special circumstances require special measures and adaptability from all key stakeholders including the parents, the child, the teachers and school administration. It is the responsibility of the schools to adopt a more holistic approach and be prepared for any such circumstances in the future which hinders the course of regular schooling and impinges on the security of children.

In continuation of our rich history of engaging students in world class learning and providing such enriching experiences. Roots Millennium Schools in the first of its kind Initiative in Pakistan, has launched a special ‘home study’ web portal. The ultimate objective of the online web portal is to ensure ‘learning never stops’ and that the basic facets of learning are fulfilled even if the students are at home for any reason.


The new millennium was ushered in by a dramatic technological revolution. It is changing our world, the context in which our students live and learn today, in more dramatic ways with each new development. Today’s students live in a world that is extremely fast-paced, constantly changing, culturally diverse, technologically driven, and media-saturated. It requires that we provide an education designed to help our students truly succeed.

So what is E-Learning? It is bold. It breaks the mold. It addresses a rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities. Through this E- Learning platform Roots Millennial Curriculum, worksheets, assignments and lesson plans are shared with parents and students for all age groups according to their subject/tier wise weekly school study schedule for activities posted on the web portal with many more online student and parent resources.


Roots Millennium Schools Home Study E-Learning Program is extremely user friendly. We at RMS believe in an optimal utilization of technology to follow global academic best practices. This curriculum has effectively integrated ICT with all subjects and offers active learning aligned to living and studying in a globalized new millennium classroom. Your children are the future of Pakistan. Let’s work together to make them succeed even at home.

We are the pioneers of the development of new knowledge, scholarly understanding, professionally practiced curriculum and support the sustainable development of social eco systems and the wider community we live and work with.

We are committed to fostering adaptive learning environment through the development of talented, high skilled and motivated staff, effective governance, management, technology enablement, social entrepreneurship and leadership thus benefit from collaboration, outreach, industry linkages and partnerships with other institutions, organizations, governments and shareholders nationally and internationally. It is our academic focus and personal attention to each and every student that makes us distinct. We ensure high quality teaching and learning at Roots Millennium Schools.