Openness to cultural diversity & tolerance towards other people’s distinctiveness are mutually exclusive

Learning German means learning a foreign language with a clear goal. Those who speak German can not only communicate with 119 million people worldwide in their mother tongue, but it ensures them the basis for studies in Germany followed by an international career. RMS emphasis is on invigorating and revitalizing partnership with educational institutions, communities and organizations around the globe, for this bond is going to be an integral part of RMS mission to create, transfer and apply knowledge. Roots Millennium Schools aims to be a global school/college committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students by providing challenging academic programmes underpinned by innovative research.

This initiative, ‘Schools: Partners for the future’ provides students from different country and community with the opportunity to build up a strong bond and to familiarize themselves with different co-curricular & extra co- curricular and educational programmes conducted in that particular country. It is an appealing opportunity for students to get acquainted with German language and its cultural environment. “Schools: Partners for the future” is an appealing opportunity for students of Roots Millennium Schools at an early stage to get acquainted with the German language and cultural environment.

We offer not only progressive German Language structured courses, but also present them in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. At this time, more than 1500 students are learning German language throughout in Roots Millennium Schools. Along with learning German, students are informed about social & cultural developments in Germany. This course is a wonderful opportunity for students to improve their German skills-almost effortlessly. There are certain skills needed to succeed in the world and one of them is learning a language. Learning the language would not limit itself to the classroom, instead it would open new vistas for the students. We at Roots Millennium Schools believe in giving our students opportunities of learning how to live in a global community. German language is the historical language. German language program at Roots Millennium Schools contributes towards global peace and harmony. It provides our students opportunities of learning how to live in a global community and this language programme plays a vital role in enabling us to do so.

Teacher training is an important feature of RMS in collaboration with Goethe Institute and German Embassy. 1800 German teaching staff is already trained by the Goethe-Institute worldwide. The Institute offers a special training, of an advanced nature for the PASCH-German teaching staff, having less teaching experience, along with language courses, regional/cultural seminars as well as seminars on Methodology-Didactics at all language levels. The forums like this where all the teachers exchange ideas, share knowledge and learn latest methodologies and techniques offer an ideal opportunity to them to improve their learning. These programmes not only cater the needs of students but also of the teachers to engage in learning activities and promulgate the language programme.