Intel Education Programme


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Under the umbrella of Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education, Roots entered into a MOU with Intel for curriculum development and teacher training in March 2009. This MOU is a testament of the fact that Roots is committed to ensure that its students are provided excellent education that encourages integrated virtual teaching and learning thus promoting ICT as a common denominator to bridge the digital divide. Roots Millennium Schools is a first of its kind initiative has customized a unique ICT curriculum for Grades 1-7 in collaboration with Intel Education Pakistan. A key consideration factor in this regard was that students today, more than ever, need the ability to understand and deal with complex issues and problems. This course has been created to help you develop your students’ technology literacy, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Through this initiative Roots Millennium is preparing today’s young people to flourish in the knowledge based economy of the 21st century; Our goal is to help students develop the higher order thinking skills they need to realize their full potential.

Roots Intel CMPC Classroom Initiative

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is an essential ingredient for successful 21st century leaning. The effective use of ICT can more fully engage students, enable dynamic curricula, and provide the freedom to soar beyond textbooks and classroom walls. It can ignite student learning, improve educational outcomes, and equip citizen to compete successfully in the knowledge economy. To promote ICT in education Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan is collaborating with Intel World Ahead Program. This project aims to develop a state-of-the-art lab based on 1: 1 computing devices that incorporates unique software and hardware features to serve educational needs in developing countries. 1: 1 computing device and be used by one student at a time, in schools, to support the unique needs of teaching and interactive learning. 1: 1 computing will be a complete wireless lab where every student has a laptop in front of them and will be connected in a wireless environment. With students using the 1: 1 devices in a classroom, a teacher can make presentations, guide student’s access to the internet, and interact individually with students by:

  • Giving tests or providing feedback.
  • Broadcast desktop and voice to students devices.
  • Monitor and take control of student’s devices, including usage restriction of student keyboards and mice, as well as screen blanking.
  • Stream video content to student’s devices.
  • Record desktop operations to a file and play them back.
  • Remotely shut down student devices.
  • Send files to student’s devices.
  • Send messages to students devices

Roots Intel Teacher Training Initiatives

Intel Education has been conducting teacher training courses for professional development of teachers since 2002. Intel has conducted teachers training for Roots Millennium since 2007. Roots Millennium Schools value its professional association with Intel Pakistan. By virtue of MOU, Intel Pakistan conducted a number of trainings e.g. Intel Teach program Essential Course, Thinking with Technology, Getting Started, Skills for Success, Principal Hands on, Getting Started Enhancement workshop, Essential Course Advanced Level, etc for the benefit of the teachers and in turn for the students.