The only 21st Century ICT Curriculum authored in collaboration with Intel Education to help scale Digital Literacy, Critical Thinking, Collaboration & Technological Learning

In an effort to support education, advocacy, and technology access Intel joined hands with one of the largest school systems in Pakistan, the Roots Millennium Schools, to drive systemic education transformation and prepare teachers and students for the needs of the future. Intel has been working to bring computers, Internet access, and digital learning to students all across Pakistan since 2001, giving youth in urban and rural regions new opportunities to thrive in the 21st century information society. At the same time, Pakistan must develop a better educated and skilled workforce that can support the country’s continued economic growth, develop effective policies critical to establish the conditions for success and to accelerate transformation, create new curriculum standards and assessment that will help transform the education system to meet the demands of a globally competitive environment, and a train quality teaching workforce that is imperative to enable a quality education system.

Millennium Schools Approach

Engage schools to help build teacher capacity and support staff through in-service professional development to enable teachers to involve ICT readily in all subject areas.

Embed ICT within curriculum through Intel & Roots Millennium Schools ICT Curriculum Development Process.

Deliver resources and infra-structure to allow teachers to become familiar with ICT and learn how to integrate it into the curriculum.

Empower subject leaders to expand their resources with reference to ICT.


Teachers enabled to play a pivotal role in the integration of ICT in the school curriculum and assessment process.

ICT is integrated with academics and curriculum of all subjects, not only taught as a separate subject.

Increased student confidence to present ideas, use digital literacy, and become self-evaluators, critical thinkers and collaborators

At Roots Millennium Schools, the teachers have been trained through the Intel Teach Program. The Roots Millennium Schools is a group of education institutions which focuses on building the professional capacity of teachers so they can give their students a modern education which is capable of preparing them for 21st century challenges.

Millennium Roots and Intel Teacher Training Initiatives

The management of Roots Millennium Schools ensures that every student has access to a computer and all new teachers joining the school receive training on Intel Teach Programme Courses to prepare them to participate in the updated teaching methodologies of the school. Through the Intel Education Initiative, Intel Pakistan conducted a number of trainings at Millennium Roots Schools including the Intel Teach Essentials, Thinking with Technology, Intel Teach Getting Started, and Intel Teach Skills for Success courses for teachers, as well as several Principals Hands-on workshops for the benefit of the administrators. These courses enabled the teachers to develop student centered learning and project-based approaches which integrated technology in the learning environment.

The partnership has delivered a robust education transformation process across all the grades in all the campuses under the system.15,000 students from Grade 1 to Grade 7 are using Intel and Roots Intel Teach Skills for Success course content on an annual basis.