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Progressive, passionate and trail blazing 21st century Millennium team; capsuled by our passion to educate the ‘Millennial Generation’

Roots Millennium Schools’ teaching faculty and staff represents a core faculty of National & International subject specialists, pedagogical leads and classroom teaching practitioners who are acclaimed educators, ground-breaking teachers, and award-winning academia. Our Faculty leverage their academic and subject expertise and qualification-based experience to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of teacher education, personal and professional development. Our teaching faculty consists of professionally trained and qualified teachers who have a vast experience in the area of school education, teaching, learning, and curriculum; currently we have more than 1000 full time teachers in various pedagogical disciplines, subject trained and empowered people through our core pre service and on the job training sponsored by award winning Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education RNITTE. For more details please visit www.rnitte.edu.pk

Millennium Schools has highly qualified trained and experienced teaching staff which comprises male and female members. All the teachers are aware of the latest teaching techniques, practices, experiences and pay individual attention to each child to ensure that all children discover themselves to their maximum according to their ability/aptitude at their own pace and learning ability.

Teacher Student Ratio 1:15

The institution is maintaining an ideal teacher student ratio of 1:15. The Montessori sections are run by highly qualified Montessori directresses under the guidance of an in charge directress. Each class has an assistant teacher along with a maid to assist the directress. In the Primary school section, class teachers are based on their sensitivity and commitment towards the need of children as here the emphasis is on determining the potentials of each child and helping them in all areas of growth with love, affirmation and encouragement, and at the same time accepting the fact that no two children are alike. The Lower secondary and High School Teachers are highly qualified subject specialists, who prepare the children for external and internal examinations.

Our Approach to Teaching & Learning

RMS academic programmes, qualifications and external studies are developed and taught by a core faculty of RMS teachers and subject specialists who are skilled educators, ground-breaking academics, and award-winning practitioners. RMS Faculty leverage their academic and subject expertise to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the modern day practice of Mathematics, English, Science, Citizenship, Digital Literacy and languages for the benefit of our Millennials. The result is a teaching team that exposes students to multiple perspectives, challenging their thinking on many levels thus supporting outstanding achievements of our students at national and international examinations.