Rapid globalization has led to some serious environment problems in this world. These problems need to be dealt with as quickly as possible so that safety and security of natural resources can be assured for future generations. The Environment Society at RMS recognizes these threats and their focus is not just national, but local too. RMS School Environment Society in collaboration with WWF Pakistan gives students the platform they need to take action on the environmental issues they feel passionate about. Channeling student energy and enthusiasm into an environment society will let students take a leadership role in identifying and achieving our school’s environmental goals. The members of an RMS Environmental Society research, create, and plan activities and green projects. Students of the society work with members of the school and community to complete sustainability projects that last. Education and action are key elements in change. Millennium School students have many ways to get involved in environmental activities, one being joining a school environment society.   The main purpose of RMS Environment Society is to develop Millennium School students as the most environmental friendly school in the country, to educate students about environmental issues, to raise awareness amongst students and community, to empower Environment Society members and lend their hands in various social activities, and to develop the personal qualities of RMS Environment Society members. Under this society different awareness activities are being carried out to inculcate the responsibility of making our community and surrounding a green place to live in.