Millennium Schools is an active member of English Speaking Union Society. It works principally with young people, providing opportunities to build skills and gain experiences to help themrealize their full potential. This society runs a wide range of educational and cultural programmes. English Speaking Union Society is a vibrant membership organization, with over 5,000 members in England and Wales. Members of English Speaking Union Society isorganized into 35 branches, each of which maintains its own programme of events and supports schools in its local area in initiatives aligned with the ESU’s objectives. Under RMS English Speaking Union Society, it aims to bring together and empower students of different languages and cultures, by building skills and confidence in communication, such that studentsrealize their potential. It promotes a variety of activities such as debating, public speaking and student exchange programmes, runs conferences and seminars, and offers scholarships, to encourage the effective use of the English language in nationwide campuses and promotes the use of English as a shared language and means of international communication of knowledge and understanding.