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Here at RMS we use our campuses as a living, learning laboratory where students are able to practice these skills as they develop them

If we look closely and completely at the Roots Millennium Schools Philosophy, we find that at its heart the skills essential for our students future are; critical thinking that involves understanding both intended and unintended consequences; systems thinking that engages linear and nonlinear approaches to problem solving; and integrated and interdisciplinary use of knowledge and to address complex (social and economic) problems. What better purpose for education than to ensure future generations have opportunities for living a healthy life in a healthy school environment. Hence, as an effective school we provide 21st century teaching and learning conditions for pupils and teachers, and campuses that are well cared for and designed to nurture our children.

At Roots Millennium Schools Education is always based on some valuable parameters. Within our school campuses we believe that the purpose of education is to provide opportunities for all through learning to practice stewardship of a healthy environment and creating just and fair socioeconomic systems when beginning their journey into practical lives. Roots Millennium School focuses on learning which strengthens the capacities of children to act progressively on their own behalf through the acquisition of relevant knowledge, useful skills and appropriate attitudes; and which helps children understand, and helps them create for themselves and others, a safe, secure and a healthy environment.

We feel that its our responsibility to provide facilities that promote physical learning environments in which formal learning occurs and which ranges from relatively modern and well-equipped buildings to open-air gathering places as the quality of school facilities seems to have an indirect effect on learning, an effect that is hard to measure.


Engr. Mrs. Anna Faisal

Director – Projects and Development

Roots Millennium Schools