8 E’s Approach- An Educational Solution

Education is fundamental to development and growth. Access to education, which is a basic human right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, is also a strategic development investment. The human mind makes possible all other development achievements, from health advances and agricultural […]

Variations in Content and Pedagogy: Text Books and Critical Thinking  

  Abstract of Talk by Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI Founder & CEO Roots Millennium Schools A concern with critical thinking in education, in the broad sense of teaching students the rules of logic or how to assess evidence, is hardly new: it is woven throughout the Western tradition of education, from the Greeks to the […]

Pakistan and its burgeoning youth: promoting leadership through youth engagement forum Pak LOT

Amid our seemingly endless vows stretching from radicalization, extremism, poverty, illiteracy and many others, young generation of Pakistan, with all its skill, will and intelligence, is probably a welcome respite in the challenges across the economic and social fabric of the nation. Home to the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional and the world record holder […]


The ways in which public primary and secondary education is financed and delivered varies greatly throughout the world. Many developing countries and countries in transition to market economies have highly centralized government administration of education and other public services. During the 1990s and early twenty-first century, many of these countries began to decentralize education. This […]

Digital Literacy

Article on the impact of Digital Literacy across Pakistan Mr. Faisal Mushtaq – Executive Director RSS 18 March 2011  “In order to prepare students for 21st century life, we can build on educational goals that have long been part of our understandings of how people learn.” Partnership for 21st Century Skills: The Intellectual and Policy […]