Provides opportunities for students to integrate classroom learning into experiences outside the classroom through an extensive range of hands-on experiential learning

Teaching of today aims learning beyond the classroom. Roots Millennium School launched different education and innovative campaign like Bird Awareness School Campaign, Oral Health Awareness Campaign and Road Safety Campaign. RMS is conscious that children and the youth are our first and foremost stakeholders for a sustainable future. Every child’s life is precious and it is the duty of all adults to protect children and keep them safe. To ensure that children and adolescents receive road safety education, Roots Millennium School initiated a Road Safety Education Program across its various campuses nationwide. The students were trained on the various aspects of Road Safety through the Active Learning Method which was instructor led and involved role plays, skits, discussion poster and case studies.

By this method of imparting knowledge, RMS aims to create maximum impact among the students. Roots Millennium Schools launched an educational and innovative campaign about “The Birds of Pakistan’ to boost up pupil’s knowledge and to develop the horizons of information for the years to come. Birds are not only one of the most successful eye-catching groups in the animal kingdom but they also hold the key to our understanding of the natural world. Millennium Schools has sustained its tradition of taking initiative for developing social and environmental awareness among its students.

Oral health is an indicator of General health. The importance of Dental hygiene is most importantly instilled during childhood. This was the theme of Millennium Schools Oral Health Awareness Campaign. It aimed towards providing basic information on tooth health which will help develop in the children, appropriate to their age and experience, a sense of competence and responsibility for keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Oral health conditions are proven to be the number one chronic disease among children. School, being the most apt arena for inculcation of oral hygiene, can play a critical role in preventing dental problems, 80 percent of which are preventable because they are rooted in share neglect of oral hygiene.

“Milk matters for Kids” is another beyond the classroom initiative at RMS. It is without doubt that milk is an important component of our diet. The importance of milk is most effectively encouraged during childhood. Millennium Schools took this initiative to hold a program beyond the classrooms based on Milk Genomics & Human Health. Activities based on importance of milk were specifically planned for different grades. RMS has initiated join awareness campaigns with the world renowned development sector organization to equip the children with knowledge and care for the environment.

At Millennium Schools, Learning outside the classroom and its impact on child development has found wide-ranging benefits for our students. By experiencing the world beyond the classroom, our young students attain higher level of knowledge and skills, improve their physical health and increase their motor skills, socialise and interact in new and different ways with their peers and adults, show improved attention and enhanced self-concept and self-esteem, and better mental well-being, change their environmental behaviour and their values and attitudes.