Teaches students to develop the ability to interact with greater diversity & expands one’s awareness of both the world as well as one’s relationship to it

Millennium Schools’ Beyond Borders is a unique exchange programme which offers an alternative to traditional academic study abroad programmes and provides students with short-term, rich cultural learning experiences through immersion in the target cultures. The benefits that students get by participating in Beyond Borders; Learn about the target culture through interaction with the people in a variety of social, cultural, service and academic settings, Increase awareness of the social, cultural, political and environmental issues facing the host culture, Participate in leadership learning opportunities and share their culture with their counterparts during their exchange visit to Gain cultural competencies needed to make a difference in a global society.

Every year our students from different campuses nationwide get the opportunity to visit various countries on different agendas like recreational visits, educational and cultural exchange programme in America, Dubai, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, China, Japan, Germany, Spain, England, Sirilanka and many others.

Our belief is that education is the most powerful force we can use to change our world. This belief drives us in the Teaching beyond Borders program to diligently work to increase access to a quality education for all children. Roots Millennium Schools is committed to prepare educators who embrace learning from diverse perspectives, and to engaging with domestic and international partners in ways that promote understanding about educational issues, policies and practices around the world. The mission of the Office Global Outreach & School Links at Millennium Schools is research, teaching, and service and focuses on: Leadership development to initiate and sustain change; Collective capacity building for system alignment; Educational coaching; International networking, engagement and policy making.

Global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality. Our students have access to the internet and increased opportunity to travel, watch news stories from around the world, as they develop and follow for example, international sporting events as they happen the global dimension is reflected in the attitudes and values of our students, the ethos of the School and the programmes we offer.