News Letter Vol 1 Issue 5

  1. Berkshire Activity Course
  2. Cambridge International Examination
  3. Another Historic Milestone
  4. Tokyo Educational and Cultural Trip
  5. SMD - 2013
  6. British Council Connecting Classrooms
  7. Medical Care Week
  8. Millennials Blue win U-16 T20
  9. MMW - 2013
  10. RMS Canyon Views Campus Islamabad
  11. Employee's Sponsored Trip to Dubai
  12. Mother's Day Celebrations
  13. Millennial Science Fair
  14. Environment Day at RMS
  15. Successful Parent Teacher Meetings
  16. Summer Camp 2013
  17. One World One School
  18. Another Feather in the Cap
  19. Qualification Induction Program 2013
  20. Summer Splash - 2013
  21. Millennial National Moot Court Competition 2013
  22. Scintillating Performances of young Millennials
  23. Director Hanban Visits Roots
  24. Digital Lifestyle EXPO 2013
  25. South Asia PASCH youth Summer Camp

Millennial National Moot Court Competition 2013

Roots Millennium Schools Provided a Valuable Educational Competition Tool For All Young Lawyers - To - Be.

Roots Millennium Schools organized Millennial National Moot Court Competition 2013 at Roots Millennium Campus, I-9/3 on 28th and 29th June, 2013. The competition gave the mooting experience of lifetime. This Moot court guaranteed the experience to discover and fully organized the true vocation for an area of law that served as a solid foundation when litigating in the courts of Pakistan or any other country. This experience completely transformed the course of the future of professional and personal life. More importantly, they gained public speaking confidence and experience. Two days competition and Night social event (concert) mesmerized the audience and will always be remembered. Guided by the people who had first hand experience of organizing International and National Moot Courts in the states. Mooting competition was a life changing experience for all young lawyers out there. Each team comprised of five students. The selection process for the competition at each participating school allowed equal opportunity for all qualified students to compete for the moot court team. Coaches helped their team members with the research material and guided them in presenting their case. The competition was a valuable educational tool that challenged students' competitors by engaging them in cutting-edge legal discussion concerning the Pakistani Legal system. The competition welcomed the students perusing their university degrees or their A' Levels from all over the city who wished to become the lawyers, judges or legal scholars. The competition involved pleading an appellate court judgment that was the basis of all oral and written arguments prepared by the team. Judgment by the Supreme Court and High Court of Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad were assigned to teams. The teams fully understood the facts of case, as well as its relation to Pakistan's Legal System and relevant case law. Roots Millennium Schools gave the opportunity to the young Millennials to reach for the skies, captured their dreams and turned them into reality.

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