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Roots Millennium Schools teaching faculty and staff represents a core faculty of National & International subject specialists, pedagogical leads and classroom teaching practitioners who are acclaimed educators, ground-breaking teachers, and award-winning academia. Our Faculty leverage their academic and subject expertise and qualification-based experience to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of teacher education, personal and professional development. Our teaching faculty consists of professionally trained and qualified teachers who have a vast experience in the area of school education, teaching, learning, and curriculum; currently we have more than 500 full time teachers in various pedagogical disciplines, subject trained and empowered people through our core pre service and on the job training sponsored by award winning Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education RNITTE. For more details please visit

Change in Education

The strength of Roots Millennium Schools comes from the fact; that what we learn by working in our educational communities; we create ample opportunities to give back equally by involving our classrooms, schools, youth, staff, alumni, community and stakeholders. Change - in Education Foundation is a registered section 42 Not for Profit organization regulated the supervision of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, which is a social and development sector initiative by Pakistan's leading private education system Roots Millennium Schools to help sponsor educational change across public and rural education system. Founded in 2009 it born out of our blazing passion for reformation of Education thus bridging the public and private sector quality divide. As education in Pakistan is no more an urban elite phenomenon, our core purpose is to reform the public, rural and community education system and connect by bridging the quality gaps. This is a Brain child of the visionary and passionate education reformist and social innovation and development leader Mr. Faisal Mushtaq TI, Change - in Education has been founded to deliver quality, affordable yet sustainable education in support of Millennium development goals.

Change in Education has structured a comprehensive "Adopt a School Program", where in support of public-private-Donor partnership it aims to adopt, rehabilitate, enrich, refurbish ad reform government and community schools across rural and peri-urban areas in various districts of Pakistan. We aim for quality education delivery in these areas through a school reform program that is consistent with national Education Policy for schools with improved school facilities, teaching & learning standards, gender equality, social justice, advocacy and research, teacher training, capacity building of learning communities and strengthening school management committees.

Our aim is to work in partnership and in support of District/Provincial/Federal Government schools, donor Community, national education stakeholders, nongovernmental organizations, community, rural support groups and CBO's, NPO's to help foster sustainable change in education development, training, delivery, access, equity and quality. Change in Education's award winning adopt a school program is currently working in support of 125 government schools across Pakistan and have successfully increased enrollment by 250% in these areas, where almost 20,000 government school children, 400 teachers & head teachers have been trained across 6 major districts of Pakistan in 3 different Provinces of Sindh, Punjab, KPK.

As member of our communities, global citizens of humanity, custodians of peace, literacy & tolerance, donor organizations, business CSR leaders, philanthropic groups, charity givers and patriots, learn more how you can contribute and become part of the 'journey towards Change' by visiting

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School Activities

IUPUI Events Calendar

School Activities

    September 2014

  1. First Week Orientation at One World Campus, E-11/4 Islamabad.
  2. First Week Orientation at Richmond.
  3. Admissions & Academics Orientation by Richmond Campus, M.B.D.
  4. Orientation Week at Trafalgar Campus F-7/1 Islamabad.
  5. Independence Day Celebration at One World Campus, E-11/4 Islamabad.
  6. Independence Day Celebration at Garrison Campus, Gujranwala.
  7. Independence Day Celebration at Richmond Campus M.B.D.
  8. Chaklala Scheme III Campus Celebrated Independence Day.
  9. Capital Campus Islamabad Celebrated Independence Day.
  10. Wonderland Campus Islamabad celebrated Independence Day.
  11. Pine Campus Celebrated Independence Day.
  12. Parent Teacher Meeting at Pine Campus Abbottabad.
  13. Jinnah Campus Gujrat Celebrated Independence Day.
  14. First Week in Wahid Campus Islamabad after Vacations.
  15. Start of New Academic Session at Emaar Campus Islamabad.
  16. Waterloo Campus PWD - Cherishing Glimpses of a New Beginning.
  17. First Week in Khyber Campus after Summer Vacations.
  18. Proud Millennials of RMS at the Launch of Pakistan Vision 2025.
  19. Millennials at UK for Berkshire Activity Course.
  20. Hill View Campus celebrated Independence Day.
  21. Independence Day Celebration at Oxbridge Campus, Islamabad.
  22. Indus Campus Celebrated Independence Day.
  23. Trafalgar Campus Celebrated Independence Day.
  24. Independence Day Celebration at Wahid Campus, F-10/2 Islamabad.
  25. Independence Day Celebration at Khyber Campus Peshawar.
  26. Exciting Activities at Kingston Campus G-15 Islamabad.
  27. Inauguration Ceremony of River Tree Campus Nowshera.
  28. August 2014

  29. First Day at Trafalgar Campus after Summer Vacations.
  30. Global Outreach Trip - International Students Summer Camp to Beijing, China.
  31. July 2014

  32. Millennials in USA.
  33. Admission Orientation of RMS at Fun City: Friday 11th & Saturday 12 July, 2014.
  34. Achievements of RMS at Fun City: Saturday, 5th July, 2014.
  35. RMS Event, Philosphy & Admission Orientation at Fun City, 4th July, 2014.
  36. Automobile Week at Pine Campus.
  37. Congratulations Pine Campus for winning of Essay Writing Competition.
  38. IGCSE Farewell Party by Management of Pine Campus Abbottabad.
  39. Outstanding Science Exhibition at City Campus Gujranwala.
  40. Congratulations One World Campus for successful Summer Camp.
  41. Summer Camp at Iqbal Campus Sargodha.
  42. Congratulations Trafalgar Campus for successful Summer Camp 2014.
  43. Community Service Programm (Swimming Activity) Wahid Campus.
  44. June 2014

  45. First Day of Summer Camp at One World Campus, E-11 Islamabad.
  46. First Day of Summer Camp at One World Campus, E-11 Islamabad.
  47. Orientation Session at Richmond Campus M.B.D.
  48. Activities at Khyber Campus, Peshawar.
  49. A-Levels Orientation by Khyber Campus Team Outside the Campus.
  50. Summer Camp at Iqbal Campus Sargodha.
  51. Parent Teacher Meeting at City Campus, Gujranwala.
  52. Parent Teacher Meeting at Trafalgar Campus, F-7/1 Islamabad
  53. Parent Teacher Meeting at Hill View Campus, Mirpur.
  54. Parent Teacher Meeting at Wonderland Campus, F-10/4 Islamabad.
  55. Parent Teacher Meeting of Montessori at Wahid Campus.
  56. Parent Teacher Meeting at Oxbridge Campus, Islamabad.
  57. Parent Teacher Meeting of Grade 1 at Wahid Campus.
  58. Parent Teacher Meeting at Capital Campus.
  59. Parent Teacher Meeting at Emaar Campus.
  60. End Term PTM at Iqbal Campus Sargodha.
  61. Ice cream Day at Pine Campus Abbottabad.
  62. Royal Bash Musical Evening at Oxbridge Campus, F-8/4 Islamabad.
  63. Congratulations for a successful International Trip to Turkey.
  64. Roots Millennium Schools Outreach at Fun City, Islamabad.
  65. Masquerade End Term Party at Emaar Canyon Views, Islamabad.
  66. Parents Teacher Meeting at Piccadilly Campus, Islamabad.
  67. Cricket Match of Mirpur vs Oxbridge Campus.
  68. Parents Teacher Meeting at Jinnah Campus Gujrat.
  69. PTM at Khyber Campus, Peshawar & Fun Gala at Hayatabad Campus, Peshawar.
  70. PTM at Hayatabad Campus, Peshawar.
  71. Congratulations RMS Indus Campus Attock for Successful PTM.
  72. Annual Class Group Photograph of City Campus, Gujranwala.
  73. Project Based Learning at Emaar Campus, Islamabad.
  74. World Ocean Day at Pine Campus, Abbottabad.
  75. World Environment Day at Pine Campus, Abbottabad.
  76. Montessori Class Group Photograph of City Campus, Gujranwala.
  77. End Term Party & Farewell to Prep-II at Capital Campus, Islamabad.
  78. Summer Splash End Term Party at Wonderland Campus, F-10/4 Islamabad.
  79. End Term Party at Emaar Campus, Islamabad.
  80. Summer Splash End Term Party at Piccadilly Campus, F-8/4 Islamabad.
  81. Annual Group Photograph of Piccadilly Campus, Islamabad.
  82. Annual Group Photograph of Waterloo Campus, PWD Islamabad.
  83. Annual Group Photograph of Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi.
  84. Annual Group Photograph of Wonderland Campus, Islamabad.
  85. Annual Group Photograph of Wahid Campus, Islamabad.
  86. Annual Group Photograph of Capital Campus, Islamabad.
  87. Annual Group Photograph of Trafalgar Campus, Islamabad.
  88. Annual Group Photograph of Oxbridge Campus, Islamabad.
  89. Annual Group Photograph of One World Campus, Islamabad.
  90. Annual Group Photograph of Emaar Campus.
  91. Chaklala Scheme III End Term Party.
  92. Summer Splash End Term Party at Trafalgar Campus, Islamabad.
  93. End Term Party at Hayatabad Campus, Peshawar.
  94. End Term Party of Waterloo Campus PWD Islamabad.
  95. Summer Splash End Term Party for Primary Tier of Wahid Campus Islamabad.
  96. Activities at Wahid Campus Montessori F-10/2 Islamabad.
  97. Montessori End Term Party at Khyber Campus Peshawar.
  98. Summer Splash Montessori End Term Party at City Campus.
  99. Activity to create awareness for our National Poet Allama Iqbal at Hill View Campus Mirpur.
  100. Ongoing activities at Hill View Campus Mirpur.
  101. Summer Splash Party at Hill View Campus Mirpur.
  102. Academic Activities at Capital Campus, Islamabad.
  103. Summer Splash End Term Party at Jinnah Campus Gujrat.
  104. IGCSE Orientation Session at Jinnah Campus Gujrat.
  105. Summer Splash End Term Party at Iqbal Campus Sargodha.
  106. German Language Youth Summer Camp India.
  107. Sports Activities at Wahid Campus F-10/2 Islamabad.
  108. Fun & Learning at Iqbal Campus Sargodha.
  109. Open House Orientation by RMS at Fun City.
  110. March 2014

  111. Youth Day Celebration at RMS Wahid Campus, F-10/2 Islamabad.
  112. Millennial Sports Day at Oxbridge Campus, F-8/4 Islamabad.
  113. Motion in Maths & Millennial Writer's Contest at Kingston Campus, G-15 Islamabad.
  114. Pet Day at Wahid Campus, F-10/2 Islamabad.
  115. Millennial Sports Gala at Garrison Campus Gujranwala.
  116. Parents Teacher Meeting at Hill View Campus, Mirpur.
  117. Happenings at RMS Indus Campus, Attock.
  118. Millennial Sports Day & Pet Day at RMS Emaar Campus, Islamabad.
  119. Fun Fair at RMS Iqbal Campus, Sargodha.
  120. Millennial Sports Gala at RMS Chaklala Scheme III Campus.
  121. Millennial Sports Gala at RMS City Campus Gujranwala.
  122. Different Activities in the Montessori Tier of RMS Wahid Campus, F-10/2 Islamabad.
  123. Young Millennial Chef Activity at Kingston Campus, G-15 Islamabad.
  124. Millennial Sports Gala held at RMS Iqbal Campus, Sargodha.
  125. Millennial Sports Gala held at RMS Kingston Campus, G-15 Islamabad.
  126. Millennial Sports Gala, Auto Mobile Week held at RMS Khyber Campus, Peshawar.
  127. Activities held at RMS Capital Campus, G-11/3 Islamabad.
  128. Millennial Sports Gala held at RMS One World Campus, E-11 Islamabad.
  129. Auto Mobile Week & Lantern Festival held at RMS Garrison Campus, Gujranwala.
  130. Visit of Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina H.E. Nedim Makarvie at Wahid Campus, F-10/2 Islamabad.
  131. Annual Sports Day held at RMS Trafalgar Campus, F-7/1 Islamabad.
  132. Millennial Sports Gala held at RMS Wahid Campus, F-10/2 Islamabad.
  133. Millennial Sports Gala held at RMS Mayfair Campus, I-8/4 Islamabad.
  134. Millennial Sports Gala held at RMS Capital Campus, G-11/3 Islamabad.

For Alumni

For Alumni

Millennial Enhanced Learning & Leaching Initiative Roots Millennium Schools E ProfileRoots Millennium Schools E Profile CampusesMillennium Schools Purpose Built Campuses Nationwide

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Learning Through Digging in the Dirt and Some Practical Work at Waterloo Campus ...

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Message From CEO

RMS Won Intel Education Awards 2014

Top Sino-Pak Delegates & Diplomats Visit Confucius Classrooms

Bridging the Gap Between Home & School Millennial Families Meet Teachers at Wahid Campus

Page 1-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

B.Sc Oath Taking Ceremony 2014-15 at Millennium Campus Islamabad

A Tribute to our National Hero Quaid-e-Azam

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Emaar Campus Uncovers the Mysteries of the Human Body

Page 2-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

Finding the Right Balance: Eating for Sound Health of Body & Mind

Learning by “Being a Tech Savvy”

Active & Engaged Learning, Inspiring Students to Obtain A Deeper Knowledge of the Subjects

Welcome Ceremony for the China Cuisine Association's Office Bearers and Chefs at RMS

Page 3-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Secrets of the Marine Life Revealed by Students!

The Concepts of Hibernation & Migration Explained

Pine Campus Welcomes Fall

Page 4-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

Change Environment before it Changes You" the Motto of Our Millennials

Promoting Color Recognition and Differentiation

School with a Difference - RMS Greenwich Campus Islamabad

Car Washing at Mayfair Campus

Page 5-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

Eco-Friendly Students at Richmond Campus, Mandi Bahauddin

Budding Scientists Examine Plant Growth and Changes

A Warm Supportive Presence on the Journey Towards Healing & Well-Being

'Safety First': Learning & Developing Strategies

Page 6-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

Experiments in Kitchen & Science Lab

Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) Celebrations

Pushing the Creativity and Imagination of Students through Arts

Providing a Global Education that is Increasingly Important in the Connected World of Today

Page 7-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

Milad & Dua Khawani at Iqbal Campus

5th Annual Olympiad 2K14 & Art Attack

Page 8-8 Vol 1 Issue 12

Tips for Preparing for Sessional Examination

Dear Millennials! Sessional examination is just around the corner. We are sure that you have already plotted out study schedules. With less than a week left in the exams, it’s time to focus on what you can do to get yourself through this demanding time, So we've put together a few tips on less stressful ways for exam preparation:

Prepare for your exams:

  1. Avoid cramming for a test. Cramming can produce high levels of anxiety and is not helpful in trying to learn a large amount of material.
  2. Instead of trying to memorize all of the intricate details from an entire semester’s worth of notes and readings, try combining everything and learning the larger, main concepts first.
  3. When studying, try to create questions that could possibly be asked on the test. Try integrating ideas from lectures, notes, books and other readings.
  4. If it is impossible for you to cover all of the material for the test, choose one portion that you know you will be able to cover and present well.

Change your attitude:

It can help to change the way you think about taking tests. A test will not predict your future success or determine your self worth. Changing your attitude can actually help you enjoy studying and learning. Here are some ways you can work on changing your attitude:

  1. Reward yourself when the test is over.
  2. Think of yourself in a positive way. Think of all the hard work you have done already or think of what you do know. Plan ways to improve next semester.

Don’t forget the basics:

  1. Don’t forget about yourself and what you need. This means thinking of yourself as a total person, not just as a test taker.
  2. Maintain proper nutrition and exercise, and continue some of your social or recreational activities. It is ok to take a break once in a while.
  3. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. You can’t function at your best if you are tired.
  4. Do something relaxing when you feel adequately prepared.
  5. Again, try to do something relaxing before the test. Cramming minutes before can produce anxiety. Get to the test early. This way, you can pick out your seat away from anxiety-ridden classmates and other distractions. Now, you’re ready to take the examination…Good luck!

Millennium Chinese Language Program

Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI, Founder and Idea Sponsor of the Roots Millennium Chinese Language Initiative and CEO Roots Millennium Schools-RMS, Management, Staff and students of CRI-Roots Confucius Classroom with Premier of China H.E. Li Keqiang and Prime Minister of Pakistan Mir Hazar Khan Khoso at Pakistan China Friendship Center Islamabad.

H.E. Madam Xu Lin Counselor of the State Council of P.R. China & Director General of HANBAN with Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq CEO Roots Millennium Schools and Staff on a visit to Millennium Chinese Language Department - MCLD, G-11/3, Islamabad.

For more information visit at

Why Study at Roots Millennium Schools

At RMS parents are expected to encourage their children to participate in all aspects of life. We have a strong assessment system in place and the progress of each child is recorded diligently. Regular PTM's are one of the many ways our teachers and administration keep in touch with parents.

Personalized Attention

See yourself at Roots College International Millennium Campus, a College where every day you will strive to make a better tomorrow!

At RCI you will have a number of one-to-one meetings with an experienced and trained Career Counselor. We also make use of aptitude tests, questionnaires and 'self appraisal exercises' which can highlight potential, skills, interests and personality. These can be useful to help you assess the suitability of different career opportunities, subject combinations and university course selection.

  1. Chinese language Classes.
  2. German Language Classes.
  3. English language Classes.
  4. Urdu Language Classes.
  5. Roots Robotics Program.
  6. Roots Intel CMPC Classroom Initiative.
  7. Dedicated office of Global Reach & School Links.
  8. One of the Best ‘A’ Level, ‘IGCSE’ and ‘O’ Level result with Maximum High Achievers.
  9. Record acceptances from IVY League, Oxford and Cambridge, Leading National & International Universities.
  10. The only school offering continuous education from Montessori to Undergraduate Level.
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RMS is successfully growing presence in 20 major cities across Pakistan, running more than 35 state of the art purpose built educationally designed Campuses nationwide with an incessant increase in number to nearly 13,000 plus students. Follow this link to learn about Millennium Experience. Call our Universal Access Number Today to register for the millennium school of your choice on +92 (0)51 111-111-193



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